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    In addition to Martijn, Hungrygoriya, Sakkra_, and Decafjedi have streamed this game this month apparently out of complete coincidence. Be sure to watch their VOD’s (Decafjedi isn’t finished yet) in the next couple of months if you’re interested 😉

    Also, I recorded all the places (with my approximations) Martijn traveled in his stream, so we can determine how much plane travel and gas would have cost in 1939: Barnett College->New York City->Southwest Iceland->Northwest Azores->Barnett College->East Tikal->Northwest Azores->Southwest Iceland->Northwest Azores->Barnett College->Monte Carlo->Algiers->Monte Carlo->Algiers->South two screens in the desert->Algiers->Crete->not sure if Indy would need to pay for fuel to take the U-boat to Atlantis and back to the surface somewhere


    Thanks for the reminder, will have to check them out later this week. Perhaps you can edit your post with links? (Couldn’t find them on Martijn’s Twitch.)

    I really appreciate how much the game feels like the movies, despite having no FMV and pretty rudimentary animation. (Though some running animations would have been nice — at least SCUMMVM lets you Ctrl+F for fast mode.) Little touches like the credits at the start, the plane red lining to destinations, cinematics of the Nazis scattered throughout, and decent framing and art — altogether — make for a cinematic game.

    All that said, I don’t think I would have ever considered Indy’s carbon footprint. Then again, he is often keeping Nazis from getting supernatural powers.


    It’s always amused me the great lengths and distances Indiana Jones will go to in a video game to pick up a single mundane item.
    If he needed a nail in Northern Mongolia, he would not think twice about flying to a ranch in Nevada for 30 seconds just to prise it out of a fence post and fly straight back.
    I suppose if there were connecting flights between any two locations on Earth that were relevant to me, and a University with apparently infinite money were paying for travel, I would do the same thing.


    I wasn’t entirely sure if sharing the links might be frowned upon for any reason — post updated. Decafjedi streams adventure games every Wednesday, including tonight at 10 EST.

    Incidentally, Sakkra streamed MDK after Fate of Atlantis and a couple of fangames. Good thing she has her past streams saved on youtube.

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