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    Mr. Evil, a learned but still unremarkable child of the plantations, earned a ship under the French flag due to his knowledge of the specifics of the Spanish looting of the New World.

    Starting in Martinique, we learn of the state of the world, where our French masters tell us that we should seek out the British and Spanish to ensure the glory of the French in the New World. Travelling North, Mr. Evil naturally chooses to attack the Dutch (given that those ships appeared) to appease his lords, and travels across to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, plundering as he goes. Upon learning that France requires him to go off and rescue important noblemen, he travels into the Bahamas, and back, and into Cuba, and back, and finally down into Nicaragua and back, chasing evil Spaniards in search of his long-lost sister, eventually marrying the plain governors daughter in Port-de-Paix.

    After capturing these evil men, he finds his long lost sister, who has found the location of lost new-world treasure. Deciding to return to the eastern Caribbean, Major Evil finds that his crew are bored of plundering, and want to be paid and released. After killing most of them off, the loot is divided.

    By no means due to amount of Rum Major Evil consumed, is there a bifurcation of the timeline, those who believe that he was a noble, uncompromising man in control of his faculties, or a man so overwhelmed by circumstance and cheap rum that he decides to venture forth into the Spanish main in search of further evil Spanish noblemen who know where family members are hidden.

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