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    OK, a quick go through of all X-COM sequel titles

    X-COM strategy sequels
    First and foremost, X-COM: Terror From The Deep (1995). You liked X-COM, right? How about it being harder, and instead of being on land, based underwater with otherworldly horror creatures instead?
    Then we sneak into the Windows era with X-COM: Apocalypse (1997). Same kind of combat, with lots of new things in the strategy layer, like different factions, and based in a city instead of the world. Results may vary, especially if you choose non-turn based combat.
    Now, into the modern era, with X-COM: Enemy Unknown (2012), the lauded remake of X-COM: UFO Defense. Removing the concept of TUs for actions and replacing it with two moves per unit per turn makes the game a lot more accessible and simple. The game has a “Long War” mod which turns the difficulty up and makes it more like the original X-COM, so much so that the project lead called his game a 20-hour tutorial for it. Includes an expansion, X-COM: Enemy Within, which expands a number of game components
    This spawned a sequel, X-COM 2 (2016), where you play as the commander after a failed campaign of X-COM: Enemy Unknown. Manage your covert force as you try and retake The Earth from the Aliens who you lost to. The game changes up X-COM as due to your covert nature, missions are mostly time-limited and enemies use explosives. A lot. Includes a “Long War” fan made mod and “War of the Chosen” expansion, which adds in some alien-enhanced humans hunting you.

    Firaxis in early 2019 was hiring staff for a new X-COM project, the theme of which could be assumed from the ending of X-COM 2.

    Games set in the X-COM world
    There are several games set in the X-COM world, starting with X-COM: Interceptor (1998). A space flying game, fight the aliens in your craft and manage your starbases in X-COM style. Not overly hard but doesn’t compare to the TIE Fighters and Wing Commanders of the world.
    X-COM: Enforcer (2001) is a third-person shooter in the X-COM universe, where you as the titular Enforcer, take on the aliens. Has similar issues to many early 3D games, including not being that great.
    The Bureau: X-COM Declassified (2013) is a third-person squad tactics game which suffered from development hell. Take on the Aliens in a WWII themed world, leading your squad of specialists against the alien invasion in a series of story missions. The game suffered from being overhyped, and the combat is similar to Mass Effect combat.

    Cancelled Games

    X-COM: Genesis was another strategy game, planned for early 2000s, cancelled after the studio closed. The studio had completed X-COM: Interceptor to not that great success.
    X-COM: Alliance was a first person shooter, developed in the late 1990s, with builds available online. More information can be found on Wikipedia

    Julian Gollop Games
    The lead designer of X:COM UFO Defense and Lazer Squad tried to make a more modern version of the original X:COM with The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge, but was never released after corporate takeover issues, but re-acquired, developed and published as “UFO: Aftermath” (not by Gollop)
    Laser Squad Nemesis (2002), an indy-style X:COM game was made and resembles the original X:COM.
    Phoenix Point was announced by Gollop in 2016 after the success of X:COM Enemy Unknown. Funded by crowdfunding, the game was due to be released in August 2019, but has been pushed back to Q4 2019. The game can currently be played with backer builds, and features combat systems including a Fallout-style VATS system to cripple enemy body parts, and a overworld where factions and abandoned areas need to be taken into your influence.
    Phoenix Point also hit the news and caused controversy when it was announced that the game would have a Epic-store only release, which was quickly wound back to a Epic-store 1 year exclusive, after backers were initially told it was to be available on Steam


    I am really looking forward to trying Phoenix Point. The hit boxes and the dynamic environments from what the demo’s being played have showed look to be really interesting.

    Evil Taco

    Laser Squad Nemesis was really cool. It was player vs player game over the e-mail/internet. Instead of being your turn – enemy turn, both parties gave their commands and then they were played simultaneously.

    Their subscription system allowed playing tutorial against the computer, and a couple of practice matches against actual players. I did that, but at the time I didn’t have the means to pay for playing the game.


    I recall playing the demo of Terror from the Deep. What I recall was you’d finish a mission on the docks then spend ages trying to find the FINAL alien that was stuck in a 1×1 room somewhere. Also if you even leave ONE alien alive, you lose the mission.


    I’ve pre-ordered Phoenix Point, I’ve seen a few streams from earlier in the year but don’t want to play it now so not to spoil it. I’ve finished XCOM2 LW and am in the middle of the first LW (both on the default difficulty though, I’m not that much of a sadist).
    It’s a tricky balance between making you feel clever in the combat layer without making it feel unfun with your mistakes and the RNG

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