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  • kdrnic

    Thexder is a Turrican-like (probably inspired Turrican).
    Thus also a Metroid-like (predating it by 1 year).
    First released for NEC PC 8801 in Japan in 1985 (!), it is by the same developers as Zeliard which is also in the suggestions
    Sierra published the DOS version in 1987.
    It therefore is a sidescroller predating Commander Keen.
    It is also interesting that it inspired Amiga fav Turrican.


    It’s not so interesting to have a side scroller that predates Keen. The interesting thing about Keen was *smooth* scrolling. Thexder scrolls tile-by-tile at what looks like 10fps which gives the game more than enough time to update the entire screen.


    I’d classify Thexder more as a run-and-gun platformer. On wikipedia it’s even claimed (so it must be true ~_^):

    > Thexder is considered an important breakthrough title for the run-and-gun shooter game genre, paving the way for titles such as Contra and Metal Slug.


    It has a rather unique “transformer” mechanic, allowing for the bot to be changed into a jet at any time.

    If the dos version has the same (lack of a) save-game system as the msx version, it is also tough as nails.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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