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  • frozograbbins

    Its been 2 years this month since the last fight game was played by the club, Wing Commander Sept. 2022. I suggest the club spends time giving the genre some more love.

    Since WWI, Modern, and Space flight games have all been played – i suggest the next game be WWII related to have something new. Options could include:

    Aces of the Pacific (Dynamix)
    Aces over Europe (Dynamix)
    B-17 (Microprose)
    Spitfire Ace (Microprose)
    Hellcat Ace (Microprose)
    1942: The Pacific Air War (Microprose)
    Battlehawks 1942 (Lucasfilm)

    Probably more options as well, but those are just the few that I have off the top of my head.

    Alternatively, the club could spend some time on a helicopter game like LHX or Gunship/Gunship 2000.


    First three got a lot of gaming time from me growing up. I remember them being hard.


    Might I recommend Wings of Glory ? This is fairly accessible and the WW1 setting is fairly original.

    The Jane’s series, mainly US NAVY Fighters and ATF are also extremely interesting by the variety of planes they allow you to fly, and especially the homemade mission crafter which allows you to do anything, like a mission where you must prevent the enemy planes to bomb a cow.


    Wings of Glory would be an amazing game to play, one of my childhood favorites. If my memory serves during the Strike Commander show the guest mentioned wanting to come back if the DGC ever played Wings of Glory.

    I also really enjoyed USNF, but never got the chance to play ATF. I’m really down for any flight sim at this point 🙂


    I suggest corncob 3d. LGR did a video on this one, but it’s a bit wacky – set in an alternate WWII in which you fight off aliens. You can even get out of your plane and walk around to plant bombs and stuff.
    I haven’t played it, but it intrigues me, and apparently has a lot of interesting mechanics.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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