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  • evilcommiedictator

    If people want to add to this, post below and I will add it in, but playing this the first time at 16 or so, I had received the hint book with it, which kinda made things a bit easier! (Also playing it on the easiest difficulty helped too…)


    Tips for players:

    As with their previous release, Ultima Underworld, the game comes with a map which you can add notes to. You should use it a lot!


    Left-clicking on things will tell you what they are. You might find interesting things just by observation!


    There is no harm is saving your game a lot. Health preservation can be important and sometimes outcomes in combat can leave you with no health just by luck


    Jumping in this game can be a bit finnicky, if in doubt, run up to your object and hold down jump.


    Your inventory for big items is limited, but items in the world stay where they are and do not disappear


    Grenades aren’t wholly useful due to how you have to use them, but can be appropriate in the right places. You can also select them with a single click in your inventory and once on the ground, you can shoot them……


    You will always have an objective, but despite the sense of urgency in the game, there is no time limit to achieve any of them (unless you play on the hardest story selection…)


    Nobody thinks the wire puzzles are clever, it is just trial and error :D. Logic probes are good for these, select them from your inventory and double left click on the panel to use them.


    The game can speed up when you don’t have to worry about taking too much damage, you’ll know when this is


    Sound is your friend in this game to let you know what is nearby. The game will also tell you if your weapon is ineffective against an enemy, but won’t tell you if the ammo type is less effective.


    You can use the ragdoll at the top of the screen to duck, crouch, and importantly, lean. R-F-V also do your stand/crouch/duck


    Cyberspace changes your WASD to WASDX, with S becoming forward movement on lower difficulties. You may find it easier to turn off mouselook in Cyberspace as at times it is quite disorientating to move your viewpoint and fire at the same time


    You can re-order your inventory of weapons by dropping them on the ground and picking them up in the order you wish for them to appear. Q is the hotkey to select the next weapon


    Hints to follow…


    Hints for players:


    If you want to have a laugh, you can actually fire the laser yourself and destroy Earth, and enjoy spending the rest of eternity serving SHODAN as her own personal Cortex Reaver


    Walls of grey pipes in this game can be climbed like ladders. This is required in some sections, but is not overly clear


    If you’re really worried about ammo, you can always check weapons you’re not going to use and unload them


    On that note, given your limited inventory it can be useful to create stashes of items in easily accessible areas


    Citadel Station has lots of hidden doors. Usually you can spot them on the map, but also sometimes by their different textures.


    If you’ve seen a new item or monitor text and you don’t know what it’s for, it’s most likely a plot item. Mark it on your map and move on


    Some parts of the station you don’t have to explore or visit too much, and other parts will become painfully familiar. Try to make sure you have appropriate weapons for those locations


    Mark down healing chambers and power stations on your map, power use will become important later on with some very useful items


    Your big consumable items like health kits and batteries are very useful when you haven’t unlocked a cyborg conversion chamber on the current level. Some later levels don’t even have one of those…
    Logic probes are not overly useful compared to these.


    Cyberspace can be a pain at times, but you should try and get everything you can out of them. The Decoy software is limited but is useful when facing lots of enemies


    Certain types of enemies respawn in certain places. You’ll be seeing a lot of zombies, but not necessarily a lot of turrets respawning on level 1 for example.


    Spoilers to follow




    Those numbers you see when you destroy a computer node on a level? Take a note of those, it’ll save you time later.


    There’s no harm in moving unknown items closer to lifts if you have inventory space, they’re probably plot items and you’ll save yourself some time


    You can look at items in the main viewscreen, including the decapitated heads lying around. There’s one head in particular on level 3 you’ll need to grab later on, luckily that person has left you some logs to help identify them…


    Levels 8 and 9 do not have a cyborg conversion chamber. Good thing you got all those medkits, IL-CAD batteries and level 3 shield, right?


    Thanks! Some of those actually answered questions I had about the game.

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