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  • Tijn

    The Aching is a brand-new game, released earlier this year and is on sale now on Steam & itch.io (see DJ_HiP’s thread for the links).

    But despite it being made recently, it is developed for MS-DOS and should run well on any machine with a 8086 CPU or better running at 10 MHz or more. In other words, this is a true DOS game in every way and that’s why we’re checking it out!

    It’s made by the people of Hadrosaurus Software, who are also working on action-platformer Acronia (discussed in our podcast episode about modern DOS games & DOS Games Jam), their website can be found over at: https://www.hadrosaurus.net/


    Wow . I bought it and I will going to test it on a real dos machine so … stay tuned on Marco Plays Dos Games . It seems to be an adventure in the style of the eighties Sierra’s adventure. Thanks for sharing my friends !!!


    I just saw you both (Tijn and Marco) playing the game in YouTube. Really cool setups! Loved both videos! The game looks nice enough but maybe too retro for my liking (would rather prefer a point-n-click interface instead of the interactive fiction type-a-verb one). I think I won’t play this one, but I’m already waiting for the podcast episode 🙂


    Just popping in to say I really enjoyed the Hadrosaurus interview. I am saving the podcast episode until I played the game this weekend – I’d like to experience it spoiler free!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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