New Name for the Podcast!

Hi guys,

POST 1 APRIL UPDATE: Obviously this was just an April Fool's prank and we're sticking to DOS 😛


As many of you may know from IRC or similar sources, we're going to change the name of the club.

For two years we were proud supporters of the DOS gaming community, but we came to the conclusion that there is and always was a gaming platform clearly superior to the PC: the Amiga.

Because of that we're changing the name of the club and the podcast to Amiga Club. I am sure you all agree that this will greatly improve the quality of the show.

To make the transition smoother, we're going to discuss an Amiga game that has an acceptable DOS port for the next episode: Life and Death. The episode will be out in a few days!

31 Mar 2019

8 Replies to “New Name for the Podcast!”

Tijn says:

Looking forward to playing all those superior Amiga games!

KewlioMZX says:

Amiga is your friend. I mean, it’s right in the name.

toasty says:

I feared this might be coming for a long time. I guess we may as well just embrace it ;(

pushblock says:


I’m kind of dissapointed to see the name change. ‘Dos Game Club’ is a broad title that covers a lot from the era and I never owned an Amiga. Given that the site has the domain name are you planning on changing that too? Perhaps ‘RetroGameClub’ or something similar would have covered everything from the era. Just a thought.

wan says:

I have to agree with the Endurance Swimmer. This Amiga thing just does not make sense. A whole community has been built on the shared interest for DOS gaming, and now you guys are throwing it all away without even listening to what the community have to say!

If you don’t revert this by April 2nd, I will consider forking the community with a new website called AbracaDOSbra.

rnlf says:

Nobody wants a DOS bra, wan. We’ll do as you say!

Srandista says:


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 d8P"      "Y8b, ,d8P"      "Y8b		
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I8                             8I		                                                         
 Yb,                         ,dP ,adPPYYba, 88,dPYba,,adPYba,  88  ,adPPYb,d8 ,adPPYYba,  
  "8a,                     ,a8"	 ""     `Y8 88P'   "88"    "8a 88 a8"    `Y88 ""     `Y8  
    "8a,                 ,a8"	 ,adPPPPP88 88      88      88 88 8b       88 ,adPPPPP88  
      "Yba             adP"	 88,    ,88 88      88      88 88 "8a,   ,d88 88,    ,88  
        `Y8a         a8P'	 `"8bbdP"Y8 88      88      88 88  `"YbbdP"Y8 `"8bbdP"Y8  
          `88,     ,88'		 	                           aa,    ,88             
            "8b   d8"  			                            "Y8bbdP"              
             "8b d8"   					

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