Interview with David Fox

To kick off the DOS Game Club "Year of the Adventure Game" with a bang, we have a special episode for you all: an interview with David Fox! We recently got the chance to talk to him about the early days of developing adventure games at Lucas, where he was one of the first people to be hired after they founded their games division in 1982.

David Fox was right there at the birth of the point & click adventure genre, working on such games as Labyrinth, Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken and Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade. We talked with him about all of these games, what it was like at Skywalker Ranch, working with famous people like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Douglas Adams, and much more.

We also managed to ask him some of the questions that were submitted through the forums and Twitter. Thanks for those!

We had a great time talking to David and hope you will enjoy this special extra episode.

[ download mp3 ] (91 mins, 73 MB)


* David Fox on Wikipedia

* Video of David's Mirage project a Star Wars-themed location-based entertainment project prototype, developed in the early 90s.

* Rube Works Game the official Rube Goldberg game is one of David's latest projects. They are currently working on a VR version:

15 Mar 2021

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Shattered says:

I really enjoyed listening to this interview. What a fascinating guy to talk to. Much appreciated!

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