The official Terry Pratchett-approved Discworld point & click adventure game has been pinned on our forums for over two years, as April 2023 would have been his 75th birthday, had he lived to experience it.

Although Pratchett was initially apprehensive about the project, after been shown early demos he gave his approval and by 1995 the game was released to much fanfare. It was a big production, with famous British actors and comedians providing the voices, such as Eric Idle from Monty Python voicing Rincewind, the protagonist of the story.

All in all a very interesting game and a good moment for us to check it out!

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") we have DGC veterans Richard ("Pix") and Esko ("FireFyte"), as well as first-time guest Ben ("PS_Garak"), who is an avid adventure game streamer on Twitch.

On top of this we received two lovely voice messages: one from Ben Chandler, the game artist who was also on our Albion episode, and James Woodcock who is both an adventure game fan and music composer, and made an enhanced soundtrack for Discworld which is compatible with ScummVM (see the link in the list below the post).

[ download mp3 ] (154 mins, 176 MB)

We got help from DGC member console editing this episode (again!). Many thanks to him and all who make this show possible!


* DGC member Pix scanned 4 Discworld reviews from his UK magazine collection

* twitch.tv/ps_garak: Ben's Twitch channel, where he and his friends stream adventure games regularly

* Ben Chandler's art blog, a link to one of many posts in which Discworld is mentioned as an example

* Enhanced Discworld soundtrack by James Woodock

* DGC episode 69 about KKnD in which we talk about Melbourne House, which has some historic ties with the developers of Discworld

* twitch.tv/martijnf where host Martijn streams DOS Game Club games about once a week

16 Jun 2023

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