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Grand Prix Circuit is one of my oldest games memories. Played it on a friend’s computer in primary school. We didn’t understand anything about DOS back then and he had a list of commands we had to type to start different games he had installed (I remember Grand Prix Circuit, Arkanoid and Battle Chess).

Since all commands began with “cd” we thought that was meant to select the game and the actual executable name was some kind of password.

So, “cd granprix” and then the password “gpega” 😀

It was all very mysterious back then. I was wondering what other games where hidden on the machine that we would never find because we didn’t know the name or the “password”.

He also knew about “dir”, which we tried and whcih displayed some arcane information we never understood, but of course we noticed that granprix and chess were among them words it showed so we tried the others but failed at the “password” of course.

Ah, children are dumb 😀