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I must admit I only ever played Warcraft with the “on screen” cheat that shows the entire map. I felt like I do not want to play “hide-n-seek” with the AI, preferring to play “chess” instead. The AI does not explore; it always knows the location of your base and sends the units directly to it.

The AI also does not really manage resources; its economy is simpler – as long as it has peons/peasants collecting gold/lumber it can create new units. If you kill all of its peasants and destroy the town hall – it will never build more units and never send any more to attack you, so you can safely gather your forces until you are ready to destroy them. This is true per individual player color – if playing against multiple AI “players” each of them has its own economy.

There is also a bug where for whatever reason all AI players simply stop creating troops and attacking your base. I haven’t figured out how its triggered, but saving/reloading can either trigger it or “release” it.