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Best Buy might not have stocked it but there was a floppy version – it’s the one I played at the time. This and KQ5 were the first VGA games I ever played. I ended up owning them for a few months before I got the PC to actually play them on and went in to borrow the computer labs at my Dad’s university during the school holiday when I was a teen just to play them. The step up in graphics was mind blowing at the time although I was of course missing the sound until I could play at home. I really enjoyed a lot of the little details like the music for each shop fading in and out in the shopping mall, the aforementioned EGA graphics parts, the whole notion of time-travelling between games. I’m sure it took ages but I managed to finish it back at the time at any rate. It’s a bit too familiar for me to really be able to judge it any more. I certainly loved it at the time. It’s a very different tone, darker with less humour.

The game is fairly notorious for having timing issues on faster PC’s which might have made your experience with the time police worse. This is a very common problem with Sierra games – I can tell you from recent experience they were inescapable on a fairly average 486.