Reply To: Final Thoughts


Don’t feel bad about sharing your opinion, titanduck!
I have a soft spot for this game, but I can see why people might not like it.
It feels like Raptor can only appeal to a very narrow band of people. Fans of shooters will be bored by it – it’s very short, the enemies are mostly pretty boring and the weapons are not as wildly over-the-top bonkers as in other shooters.
Non shooter-fans (such as yourself) on the other hand are not going to find anything in here to change their minds.
The only people I can really see it appealing to are PC gamers that have a passing interest in shooters. People who want to have the experience of playing a vertical scrolling shmup but don’t want to spend too much time memorising every level.

It is painful for me to say this because I have always strongly been in Team Apogee, but Tyrian seems to be better than Raptor in every way I can think of.