Reply To: My LBA Experiences


I joined DGC about a week ago but want to share my experience with LBA. I never heard of this game before I saw it listed as the game of the month. It is no wonder because very few games were sold in the USA compared to the rest of the world so it probably didn’t get much publicity here. At any rate, I budgeted 5 hours to give this game a try. The game manual provides enough information to get started. I found the controls rather klunky, but I was able to play. I died over and over but after 3 GAME OVER messages, I was able to get out of the asylum with my ID card and Holomap wearing a nurse outfit. Several more GAME OVER messages, but I discretely got a ride from the garbage truck. The soldiers in the next section don’t like my attire and they gave me a few more GAME OVER messages. In the meantime, I stumbled upon the sewer and got a GAME OVER message in there then discovered that you can climb some metal rungs in NORMAL mode to get out. I just used my ATHLETIC skill to run like mad to the left and found my home receiving a few more GAME OVER messages. I didn’t do a very good job of hiding and the next thing I knew, I was back in the asylum. Fortunately the saved game got me closer to my house where I was supposed to somehow go down my chimney, but I never figured out how. With my budged 5 hours now up, I figured it was time to cheat and see what others have done. I watched Tijn’s first video for his playthrough to learn that I made it to a point 20 minutes into his 8 hours of game play. At this rate, it should take me another 115 hours to complete the game. So… I am not impressed with this game. Interaction with the characters and other environment tells what needs to be done, but I had to die trying to figure out how to do it and that cost me a lot of time. But don’t use my opinion as you make your own assessment of the game as I only got about 5% of the way through the game.