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Alright! Let’s do this!

I got a little hint about looking around in the bar from Tijn, and in doing so I found a little paper note. Ooh, secrets! I follow the instructions which leads me to find a key to the cave I just spent ages grinding my “open” spell for. Oh well. Atleast there’s a secret word to avoid being instakilled.

So I return to said cave, traverse the dungeon, gets instakilled anyway, but re-load with so much anger that I manage to flame-dart the bastard to death before he can instakill me again. Wow, I pack some power now.

I continue out of the cave, and easily pass the next challenge (seriously, again?).

Then there’s a weird part with different kind of challenges – first it’s a “find the right path” thing followed by “do exact things in exact order in time”. Then there’s a “figure out the weird path” type challenge. I actually like that the game throws something different at you, even though some of these are pretty … strange and possibly infuriating.

I finally find the princess who stabs me. Re-load. Not sure how you are really supposed to work that one out without re-trying. Perhaps the “oh the daughter will be around your age” hint?

I get the hint from the jester but actually leave prematurely while trying to find the secret exit. So I watch the whole ending just to go back and do it again for the best ending. But: I do like that there are different “levels” of endings! Even tho it feels a bit “well I didn’t SAY I wanted to end” at first.

Anyway, grab the required tools and beat the witch at her own game. Woo! I am hero.

Love the segue into QfG2 🙂 You can even export your character! Yeey!

If I’ll play QfG2 at some point, which I’ll probably do, I’ll definitely import my character, how cool is that!

And at some point I’ll go back and play QfG1 VGA as a thief; there are so many houses in town I haven’t seen yet 😉

All in all, a lot of frustration, a lot of grind, but also a lot of fun.