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Right in the feelings. Albion definitely has more to go in the world building than mechanics, but somehow I didn’t really find them too penalising.

I think Albion was maybe the first dungeon crawler style RPG that I finished (if not the only one), so it has a lot of nostalgia value for me. I do also remember that I did give up on it the first time I tried it – the game difficulty is really not that well balanced, if you know what to do it is quite easy, if you don’t it’s hell.

However I did find that compared to games like Ishar at least there was something to go on. The items were relatively simple (although it still has way too many useless weapons), the spells have obvious use (I’m still traumatised by Shadows over Riva).

One thing that also really pulled me through the whole story is the graphics, for me the game still looks gorgeous (both in 2d and 3d parts).