Reply To: Thumbs down


I never knew about this game before I saw it listed on here. DOS always makes me think of games that predate like 1996 (probably because my house had switched to Windows in the middle of the ’90’s).

Yesterday, I tried the game for the first time yesterday (played only the first level) and watched Martijn’s VOD’s. It seemed pretty good for a game of its age — I actually forgot it was a ’90’s game at times while I was watching Martijn’s playthrough. I didn’t entirely know what I was doing — I don’t really gravitate towards games like this, but it’s seemed alright so far.

Do you guys know about Ancient DOS Games on youtube? He lists recommended DOSbox settings for every game he covers, and didn’t recommend playing this game through DOSbox due to I think the framerate. He did list that one setting as dynamic, though.