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I don’t think I started to feel fatigued by the game until the final three levels. Usually, real-time strategy wears me out pretty fast, as I’m a turn-based 4x “stan” for life. 🙂 Maybe it’s because the combat is so simple compared to the greats of the RTS genre.

Still, the last three levels left me ready to quit. Earlier levels didn’t really prepare you for the strategies you’d need in those levels, so it almost felt unfair. I mean, before 18, I hadn’t bothered with sacrificing nor scavenging, things that became necessary at the end. Perhaps if they’d eased those concepts in over the course of the game, others wouldn’t have found it so repetitive, while those of us who were enjoying the leisurely pace wouldn’t have felt blindsided by the final levels.

Still, I haven’t had this much fun revisiting a favorite from the DOS era for a long time. So glad I joined in with the fun. Now on to Empire.