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You guys are being way, way kinder than I’m going to be. The presentation and music is decent, I’ll give it that.

The gameplay is so basic though. It almost feels like the whole game is being played on a grid. Nothing is analog, the speed doesn’t smoothly increase, the turns are done in chunks, there is no feeling of skidding or any actual physics. It ends up all but removing the driving element from a racing game when you are glued to the ground like that. The opponents are similarly useless and rely entirely on rubber banding to provide any sort of challenge. There was just nothing here to keep me playing.

I remember trying (and failing) to like this back in the day. I came nearer back then but the PC could have done so much better than this at the time. I’m struggling to think of a DGC game that’s held my attention for so little time. Some games just aren’t for me, like Empire the other month, but I can at least see why other people might potentially like them. I don’t get what anyone sees in this. I spent as long playing Rise Of The Robots and it’s almost on par with that as far as I’m concerned. Nice looking but fundamentally broken.

Maybe the multiplayer is what makes Wacky Wheels worthwhile? I didn’t get to try that out but I can certainly see it being the best aspect of the game, especially back in 94.