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    Great post, Strategos Risk. I wasn’t aware of the similarities between AL and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.

    AL also inspired me more that I first suspected. I constantly think about the premise. You have a mission and when you wake up from hibernation, you find out that another ship has been sent shortly afterwards and will arrive earlier because of to newer tech… but there is no other ship.

    The lack of Centaurians really emphasises the desolation: You’re so far away that no one can reach you. Not even the enemy.

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    If you just want to focus on playing, here’s the match controls:

    (Excerpt page 10)


    You control the player on your team who is nearest the ball this is your control player (CP) He/she will be highlighted with an are in your teams colour above his head When the player has the ball he will have a letter above his head denoting his group position A- centre foward M midfield D defence W – winger, G – goalkeeper Each member of the team can move and throw the ball in eight directions To throw the ball press the fire button a short press releases it at waist height, alonger press means the ball is thrown high in the air In addition a subtle amount of’aftertouch can be apphed to the ball after it has been thrown by moving the joystick up or down left or right this means you can crect the ball anywhere you want to

    If your team is not in possession pressing the fire button can have one of three effects If the ball is in the air near your CP he/she will jump to catch it If the ball as on the ground or at waist height your player will she to interceptit if a member of the opposing team has the ball pressing hre will attempt a tackle


    The goalkeeper is controlled when he is CP When roving away from the goal-line he can jump up and catch the ball throw it and tackle as normal additionally, when the ball is moving pressing fire with joystick left or right causes him to dive for the ball However he cant travel outside his own ‘goal area’ about a screen’s distance from the goal


    Successful tackles depend on the relative attack/defence attributes of the two players involved if you win the tackle, your opponent loses energy and vice versa Tackling a player also reduces his/her attributes You can tackle any player at any time even off the ball Players are most vulnerable when jumping and facing away from you

    (yes, there is no punctuation in the manual)

    in reply to: Patch differences #5536

    In Raptor 1.2 there’s a binary called “RAPHELP.EXE” (called RAP-HELP.EXE in 1.0). This file contains the following info:

    WHAT’S NEW IN 1.2

    Raptor v1.1 has no new features that were not in v1.1. This is a maintenance release, and this is not needed if your previous version of Raptor was working properly. A problem which would not allow 8-Bit Sound Blasters to play Raptor without locking up has been corrected in v1.2.

    WHAT’S NEW IN 1.1

    For our customers who did not get v1.1, and are upgrading to v1.2 directly from version 1.0, here is a summary of what was added or fixed in v1.1 of Raptor.

    Raptor v1.1 has one new feature that was not in v1.0. That is direct support for the Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE 32 Sound Card.

    Fixed in v1.1 :

    Joystick Calibration. v1.0 had some problems where joysticks were not being calibrated properly. If you chose a joystick as a control device, the game will ask you to calibrate your joystick before you play. Please see the section called “Raptor Detailed Help” for more assistance in this matter.

    Pro Audio Spectrum 16 SFX. PAS16 owners could not get sound effects working on v1.0 (unless they used Sound Blaster Emulation). This has been fixed in v1.1, and PAS16 sound card owners now have full support.

    Color Palette Change. The setup program from v1.0 would change the color palette on some computers forcing you to have darkened text when you quit the game and ran anything else. This didn’t harm anything, but made your system’s colors look funny. This has been fixed in v1.1.

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