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  • Naikhanom
    in reply to: Found you guys through this game #5077

    Thank you Tijn, I found a copy. I’m going to give it a try.

    I listened to the episode today too. There was so much bits of extra interesing things about the game and the dev in there, you guys really did your research!

    Oh and kudos finishing the game in your second language, too. I don’t think I could manage it in mine.

    I played when I was 15 or 16 years old and got to the part where you meet Becker and got stuck there so needed the guide to help me, I remember getting right to the end in hell and couldn’t complete it even with the guide, last time I kept getting killed ad infinitum.

    I did pretty much the same this time, completing everything as far as Becker without a guide, grabbing a few hints, then getting to Hell again, only this time I figured out how to break the loop and completed it.

    It was nice to revisit that little story and put to bed something that had been bugging me for ages that I didn’t finish it.

    Looking at the list it looks like you’ve played a whole bunch of games I loved, so going to revisit a bunch of them and catch up on the podcasts.

    Thanks again.

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