The Lost Vikings

Back when Blizzard Entertainment was still known as Silicon & Synapse, they made a funny looking puzzle-platformer called The Lost Vikings. It's hard as nails, utterly unfair, but also weirdly kind of compelling. What more can we say about it? Listen to find out!

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") for this episode are Oddvar ("dollarone") and Bjorn ("TigerQuoll"). We were also kindly sent a voice message by Thanael.

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[ download mp3 ] (90 mins, 103 MB)


* DGC-member Pix scanned & uploaded some of his UK magazines with reviews of The Lost Vikings

* Free download of The Lost Vikings from - before it was added to the Arcade Collection, Blizzard offered The Lost Vikings for free through their website and the link still works to download it now.

* Blog post on The Lost Vikings on - has some neat background information and developer insights.

* The Lost Vikings on - a nice retrospective with lots of neat info on the game.

31 Aug 2021

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