Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

It's time for round four of our "year of the adventure game"! So far we've covered Day of the Tentacle, Lost Eden and Simon the Sorcerer, but now it's time to go beyond the stars with Interplay's 1992 Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original series. Originally released on floppy disk and later expanded with a CD-ROM edition, this space combat / point & click adventure hybrid game plays like interactive episodes of the TV series.

Joining host Martijn ("Tijn") is returning DGC member Tyler ("Corgibuttz"), who was intrigued by the game since childhood, but never actually got around to playing it for real. Also joining is Juho Kuorikoski, a Finnish game historian and journalist, who is also a Trekkie. He has a YouTube channel reviewing old games and the very first video he posted was about this very game, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary. It's in fact the very first PC game he has ever bought, so he's more than qualified to tell us all about this game.

Sadly our trusty co-host Florian ("rnlf") had to skip this episode due to a scheduling mishap, but he'll be back for the next one for sure.


[ download mp3 ] (117 mins, 135 MB)


* Juho's video on Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

* Old magazine scans of Star Trek: 25th Anniversary scanned in by DGC members TigerQuoll and Pix

* A great retrospective on Star Trek: 25th Anniversary by The Digital Antiquarian

* A video interview with Brian Fargo on Star Trek: 25th Anniversary by Dr. Matt Barton, video game historian

* Old clip of William Shatner arguing during the voice recordings about the pronounciation of the word "sabotage" (requires Flash)

01 Oct 2021

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