Hang on to yer helmet while we drive over a couple pedestrians and cows and try to wreck the other drivers in Stainless Software's 1997 cult classic "Carmageddon".

Join us as we try to figure out what the whole hype was about, exactly how far over the top this game really is and whether this is a racing game, an action game, both or neither!

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") is returning DGC member Björn ("TigerQuoll"), who hadn't actually played the game before and new member Thanael ("Trumad") who has been a big fan ever since it came out.

Starting this episode we want to highlight retro content creators who are not white men in their late 30s (those are cool, too, but let's find out what other, less prominent voices are out there in our community!)

For our first time we'd like to give a big shout out to Tech Ambrosia, who creates fantastic videos, mostly about late Pentium era hardware. You can find her on YouTube and Twitter. Go subscribe to her and say hi from us!


[ download mp3 ] (127 mins, 146 MB)


* Lots of UK magazine reviews, scanned in as always by DGC member Pix

* Björn's Comparison Video

* The Retro Hour Podcast Episode 106: Crystal Quest to Carmageddon with Patrick Buckland

* The Retro Hour Podcast Episode 53: Carmageddon & Lawnmower Man with Fergus McNeill

* Stainless Christmas Party 2010 (YouTube)

* Tony Through the Looking Glass (YouTube)

* Archived interview with Patrick Buckland on Carmageddon in Edge Magazine from 2012

* Tech Ambrosia's YouTube Channel

* Tech Ambrosia on Twitter

31 Oct 2021

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