Introducing: DARK MODE

Thanks to the hard work of DGC member Toasty and podcast host / webmaster rnlf we now have DARK MODE available on this website.

It's under the "user" menu, check it out!

24 Nov 2021

4 Replies to “Introducing: DARK MODE”

Westygw says:

This looks great.

Evil Taco says:

Quite nice! And very fitting to the DOS theme; my command prompt, and many text mode programs, certainly had dark background and grey text!

Jozxyqk says:

Since this is a dos-centric website, shouldn’t it be dark by default, with a light mode for the weirdos who prefer that?

rnlf says:

@Jozxyqk: The default look is “inspired by” (read: copied from) programs like Borland’s Turbo C IDE.

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