DOS Game Club is not overly active on social media, because we are concerned with issues such as the privacy of our users. We like to be in control of our own platform as much as possible. This is why instead of Discord, we have an IRC chat room and instead of a subreddit we have our own forums.

That being said, the one social media platform we are active on is Twitter, where we announce new episodes of the podcast, host occasional polls and share the games we're featuring each month, as well as other interesting things from the world of DOS gaming.

While we'll continue to share our content and connect with fellow retro gaming enthusiasts on Twitter for now, we feel compelled to look into alternatives that sit better with our core values. That's why we've recently launched our own Mastodon instance. You can find it at

What does this mean?

Mastodon has some functionality that resembles Twitter, but there is one fundamental difference: it's not run or owned by a single private person or business. It's a network of instances, each operated and administered individually. Users are registered with a specific instance, but it's still possible to find and follow people across different instances on the Mastodon network.

If you're already using Mastodon

If you're already using Mastodon, that's great! In that case you can follow our club account at - we'll keep you up to date on everything that's going on with the club.

If you're not yet on Mastodon

If you're not on Mastodon, but all this sounds intriguing and you'd like to take part, then you can join our instance if you like. Currently signing up is invite-only, but if you're a user of our forums, IRC chat room and/or have been on one of our podcast episodes, you're more than welcome to join. You can request an invite by sending an email to, by dropping by our IRC chat room or by sending us a message on Twitter.

We hope to see you there!

29 Apr 2022

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