There isn't much we need to say to introduce you to Quake. It's Quake, after all.

Quake may be one of the most important games crossing the bridge between the "old" and "new" gaming worlds. It still came out as a DOS game, originally, as shareware, rendered fully in software. But it was also there to give us online multiplayer, modding, machinima, speed running, 3d acceleration, e-sports and so many more things.

It didn't invent those things, but coming at the right time, when the Internet finally became widely available as well as consumer-grade 3D accelerators, it, like no other game, encapsulates the spirit of the late 90's.

But is it a good game, even today?

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") are club members Thanael ("Trumad") and Garrett ("f2bnp).

Also a big thanks to DGC members "watchful" and Luke for sending in voice messages! It's much appreciated. If you want to send in a voice message yourself, you can email them to club@dosgameclub.com

The month's shoutout goes to A Question of Character, where you can learn about the innermost details of the most interesting characters in the universe. Visit them on https://www.youtube.com/c/AQuestionofCharacter.

That's all for now. Enjoy!

[ download mp3 ] (161 mins, 184 MB)


* Trent Reznor + David Lynch Photo

* Planet Quake, oldschool Quake resource

* Quake documentary by RetroAhoy

* A question of character (shoutout)

09 May 2022

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Shattered says:

I really enjoyed this episode! The guests Thanael and Garret had a lot of knowledge and great commentary about Quake. I kinda missed the Quake train growing up (went from Doom2 to Half-life) but this made me want to fire it up and see what I missed. Thanks for the great content as always!

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