The Secret of Monkey Island

Hey! A new DOS Game Club episode!

This time we're covering The Secret of Monkey Island - even if you haven't played the game, if you are into games at all, you more likely than not have at least heard about it. For some this is the pinnacle of Point & Click Adventure games, and we think they are not too far from the truth with that opinion - it's clearly a great game.

Anyway, last episode was the longest one until then, but this one is over three hours, so brace yourselves! That's what happens when you have a total of six people on the show and everybody has their own anecdotes and funny stories to tell about this legendary game. Martijn and Florian are this time accompanied by veterans Mike and Philipp, Esko makes a second appearance and there's a brand new member: Jozef. We had an absolute blast discussing this gem of a game, so we hope you'll enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did recording it!

[ download mp3 ] (192 mins, 158 MB)


* Why Adventure Games Suck, article by Ron Gilbert written in 1989 about his ideas on adventure game design.

* Aric's World games industry archive ( mirror), awesome page with lots of original game design documents, including the one for "Mutiny on Monkey Island", what eventually became The Secret of Monkey Island.

24 Oct 2018

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