Greetings DOS fans,

Last May we featured not one, but many games. All of the same genre: PINBALL!

Helping Florian ("rnlf") and Martijn ("Tijn") out are two very knowledgeable experts. First of all DGC regular Tim ("Spacefarer"), who has made an elaborate video series covering the history of pinball videogames, from the very basic beginnings all the way up to the most sophisticated games. And last but not least Kris ("Gemini" / "Pixelmusement"), who you might know as the host of the Ancient DOS Games YouTube show, among other things. Apart from covering various pinball games on his show over the years, Kris is also an avid real-life pinball player and even competes in ranked tournaments.

Also thanks to DGC member Esko ("Firefyte") for sending in a voice message!

In the episode we cover all sorts of pinball-related subjects, but the main games we're diving into are:

  • * Pinball Construction Set (1983, Bill Budge)
  • * Macadam Bumper / Pinball Wizard (1985, ERE Informatique)
  • * Pinball Dreams (1992, Digital Illusions)
  • * Epic Pinball (1993, Epic Megagames)
  • * Psycho Pinball (1994, Codemasters)
  • * Pro Pinball series (1995-1999, Cunning Developments)
  • * Pinball Builder (1996, 21st Century Entertainment)
  • * Star Trek Pinball (1998, SCi Games)

[ download mp3 ] (122 mins, 98 MB)


Video mode: a history of pinball video games by Tim Scott ("spacefarer"):

* Part 1

* Part 2

* Part 3

Ancient DOS Games pinball episodes:

* Pinball Construction Set

* Macadam Bumper / Pinball Wizard

* Epic Pinball

* Star Trek Pinball

12 Jul 2020

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