Frederik Pohl’s Gateway

Hello everyone!

Last June we spent playing our first text adventure with the club. Incredible that we never did one before, so good thing we got that sorted. It's a genre that can be difficult to get into, so we decided to pick a very accessible game: Frederik Pohl's Gateway, by Legend Entertainment, released in June 1992.

Another first is that every single club member in the podcast actually managed to beat the whole game! Many of us finished the sequel as well. Amazing! Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") in this episode are returning members Esko ("Firefyte") and Richard ("Pix"), accompanied by brand new member John ("Shattered").


[ download mp3 ] (143 mins, 115 MB)


* Contemporary magazine reviews of Gateway, scanned by Richard ("Pix")

* Archived copy of Legend Entertainment's website, where they offered the first Gateway game as a free download since 1996

* A video review about Gateway, by DGC host Martijn

31 Jul 2020

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