Jill of the Jungle

We spent our July playing Jill of the Jungle, one of the big milestones in PC gaming history for making Epic Megagames actually "mega" and allowing them to build all those future games we all so dearly love.

But is Jill itself a noteworthy game? Or do we need the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia to enjoy it? Opinions seem to differ and this episode surely doesn't lack controversy.

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") in this episode is our old and new record holder in episode appearances, David ("DavidXNewton"), who is a real connoisseur when it comes to Epic MegaGames, as he's made a video series in which he's played every single one of their earliest games, all the way up to Unreal. Also on the show is brand new member Felix ("KewlioMZX"), who also hosts a weekly radio show about video games and chiptune music over at Squarewave Symphony. Florian & Martijn were recently invited onto that show to talk about DOS Game Club, so it seems only fair to invite Felix on our show as well.

Also a shoutout to our other member David ("EvilCommieDictator"), who was so kind to send us a voice message. Thanks! If you also want to contribute a voice message, please send them to club@dosgameclub.com


[ download mp3 ] (83 mins, 67 MB)


* Stumbling Tours: Epic Megagames, a video series in which David plays through all of Epic's earliest games

* The episode of Squarewave Symphony on which DGC hosts Florian & Martijn were invited, hosted by Felix ("Kewlio")

* Jill of the Jungle on shakadi.net, includes resources on the level editor and also the open-source implementation of Jill

* Museum of ZZT, a website dedicated to keeping ZZT alive and kicking

01 Sep 2020

One Reply to “Jill of the Jungle”

Shattered says:

Another great episode! It’s difficult to wait an entire month to get these so major kudos on getting them out on time. I completely agree with everyone’s opinion on Jill, but I will say I thought my favorite part of the game was its music. It’s pretty chill and not a bad soundtrack to mix in with a gaming playlist.

My favorite parts in no particular order
– Discussion of the game’s feminism/sexism
– Sound bites from the game
– David’s Epic history presentation
– Kewlio’s puns (atmoSPHERE anyone?)
– Martijn’s and Florian’s charm and humor as usual

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