Raptor – Call of the Shadows

The Mega-Corps pay well, for those good enough to survive. They call you into the shadows with dreams of wealth, and you answer, the only way you know how.

Apogee's 1994 vertical shooter Raptor - Call of the Shadows was a game that impressed many young players back in the day with its slick graphics, fluid gameplay and massive explosions. But does it hold up today? How does it compare to other games from that genre and era, nearly 30 years later?

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") are returning Club members Esko ("Firefyte") and Jozef ("yozy"), as well as Hannes ("Mr Creosote"), who's on for the first time.

Also a big thanks to DGC member "Pixel Prophecy" for sending in a voice message! It's much appreciated. If you want to send in a voice message yourself, you can email them to club@dosgameclub.com

The month's shoutout goes to one of our own, DGC member "watchful", who is creating a podcast with descriptive, audio-only Let's Plays. In our opinion a great way to make our community more inclusive to a wider range of people. You can find the podcast on https://letsplaybyplay.org/.

That's all for now. Enjoy!

[ download mp3 ] (112 mins, 128 MB)


* A review of Raptor in an old UK magazine, scanned in by DGC member Richard ("Pix")

* Review of Raptor from 2021 written by podcast participant Hannes ("Mr Creosote") on goodolddays.net

* "Black Eagle 2", a DOS game made by podcast participant Jozef when he was younger, using assets from Raptor and other games on github.com

* Scott Host's Raptor Remixed Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/scotthost

* Scott Host's Website with Raptor for sale: http://www.mking.com/about.html

* Raptor soundtrack: Adlib/OPL and General MIDI.

* Let's Play by Play (watchful's podcast): https://letsplaybyplay.org/

03 Mar 2022

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TigerQuoll says:

Nice podcast, as always guys!
For the record, you can also activate the monkeys (and laser cows and some other Easter eggs) in the level select screen. A lot of people forget you can actually use the mouse in this game, but if you click on some of the buttons on that screen in the right order it turns on the Easter eggs.

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