Jones in the Fast Lane – International edition

Update: In case it wasn't clear already, this was an april fool's joke. We made an English language podcast about Jones too and will keep the show in English of course.

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It's 1 APRIL again and that means we look at the game we played in February, which in this case is Jones in the Fast Lane.

Now as is so often the case, we're once again joined by an international cast of guest for this episode. And this got us thinking: rarely is English the native language of the people on our show, yet we do it in English anyway. What a hassle! That's why we've decided to change things up by letting everyone speak in their own language instead. This allows for much easier and more interesting discussion, which surely will improve the quality of the show!

Gastheren Martijn ("Tijn") en Florian ("rnlf") worden in deze aflevering vergezeld door Jozef ("yozy"), Esko ("Firefyte"), Marwane ("wan") en Oddvar ("dollarone").

Zu den Moderatoren Martijn („Tijn“) und Florian („rnlf“) gesellen sich in dieser Folge Jozef („yozy“), Esko („Firefyte“), Marwane („wan“) und Oddvar („dollarone“).

Medzi moderátorov Martijna ("Tijn") a Floriana ("rnlf") v tejto epizóde patria Jozef ("yozy"), Esko ("Firefyte"), Marwane ("wan") a Oddvar ("dollarone").

Jozef ("yozy"), Esko ("Firefyte"), Marwane ("wan") ja Oddvar ("dollarone") ovat mukana juonten Martijn ("Tijn") ja Florian ("rnlf") tässä jaksossa.

Joindre les hôtes Martijn ("Tijn") et Florian ("rnlf") pour cet épisode sont Jozef ("yozy"), Esko ("Firefyte"), Marwane ("wan") et Oddvar ("dollarone").

Sammen med vertene Martijn ("Tijn") og Florian ("rnlf") for denne episoden er Jozef ("yozy"), Esko ("Firefyte"), Marwane ("wan") og Oddvar ("dollarone").

Veel plezier! Habe Spaß! Príjemnú zábavu! Pidä hauskaa! S'amuser! Ha det gøy!

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01 Apr 2022

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