Shadow of the Comet

British photographer John T. Parker travels to the isolated New England town of Illsmouth in 1910, to take pictures of Halley's comet. During the previous passing 76 years before, Lord Boleskin had made some interesting discoveries, but he subsequently went insane. Parker has three days to finish Boleskin's research before the comet passes in the sky, and it quickly becomes clear the quiet town is not what it seems. A strange cult assembles at night in the forest, a mysterious lighthouse is kept closed off to strangers. What is going on here? Who can he trust?

This is the premise of Shadow of the Comet, a Lovecraftian horror/mystery game we played with the club this October. It was developed and released by French developer Infogrames in 1993, just one year after their previous Lovecraftian horror game Alone in the Dark. This title however is a more traditional 2D adventure game, that's not quite point & click.

We have two guests joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") to discuss this game. First there's Robin, an avid Lovecraft fan who used to write and make podcasts for the Swedish edition of PC Gamer, and now streams adventure games on Twitch under the name "RockyDennisTV". Also joining is returning DGC member Hannes, aka MrCreosote, who played both the floppy & CD-ROM editions of this game right when they came out and became an instant fan ever since.

We also got a voice message from Nick, which is very cool. If you also want to send a voice message and be part of the show, you can email them to


[ download mp3 ] (166 mins, 190 MB)


* Robin aka RockyDennisTV on Twitch

* Hannes' review of Shadow of the Comet from 2002

* Original magazine reviews on our forums scanned by DGC member Pix, as well as a machine-translation from the Finnish Pelit magazine posted by DGC member typhoon24

* List of tropes in Shadow of the Comet on

* Shadow of the Comet soundtrack on Zophar's Domain

30 Nov 2022

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Evil Taco says:

This was a great listen, for indepth discussion of Lovecraft and things Lovecraftian, and also the thorough discussion of the game itself. I think I would be interested in checking the game out, while previously I’ve been apprehensive!

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