Did you ever want to be in control of the entire hive mind of an ant colony? How about taking over the house of some jerk who doesn't even acknowledge your existence and runs you over with his stupid lawn mower? Still not enough? How about gruesome, explicit and very flowery descriptions of death?

In 1991, Maxis released "SimAnt", a genre defying and to this day unique gaming experience, packed with knowledge about ants. It's not an educational title and yet playing it, you somehow learn a lot about these little creatures.

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") to discuss this game is DOS Game Club member Phil ("PixelProphecy").

How does the game hold up today? Is it even a game? Or a toy? A simulation? But most importantly, is it fun? Let's find out together.

[ download mp3 ] (121 mins, 140 MB)


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19 Nov 2022

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Evil Taco says:

Truly a fun episode! I haven’t played SimAnt before but after listening to this, I’m sold – I should try it out. A bit surprising it’s not available to buy!

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