Eye of the Beholder

Evil creatures beneath Waterdeep? We can't have any of this. Time for our party of heroes to investigate. But what's that? Just as we enter the sewers, the corridor behind us collapses and we're trapped down here. Will we survive? Find our way out? Will we succeed in our quest to cleanse Waterdeep of whatever is really going on here?

This is the premise of Westwood's 1991 Dungeon Crawler "Eye of the Beholder". We haven't covered any Dungeon Crawlers on the show before, and after more than five years, it's finally time to delve into this iconic genre and see how they influenced our modern RPGs.

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") to discuss this game are veteran DOS Game Club members Richard ("Pix") and Björn ("TigerQuoll"). We also got a voice message from Peter ("pointer")!

So what's the game like? Does it hold up? Are four AD&D noobs even qualified to talk about it?

[ download mp3 ] (114 mins, 130 MB)


* PC Format issue 4 (Jan 1992), reviewing Eye of the Beholder II scanned in by TigerQuoll

* The Digital Antiquarian on the history of grid-based dungeon crawlers (aka "blobbers")

* The All-Seeing Eye EotB auto-map tool for Windows

05 Nov 2022

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