DOS Game Club is a monthly podcast and online community about DOS games. It works a bit like a book club, where all members of the club read the same book and then discuss it amongst them. Instead of reading books though, we all play the same DOS game for a month, discuss it on the forums and end with a podcast.

The games are picked based on suggestions by the community. We try to offer great variation in the games we choose, ranging from classic blockbusters to obscure niche titles, and from fast-paced action games to slow text adventures. The only thing these games have in common is the fact they all run in DOS.

The DOS era (starting in the early 80s and ending in the late 90s) produced a vast wealth of amazing games. A lot of these titles have been overlooked or forgotten, which we feel is a great shame, as there is a lot we can learn and enjoy from them.

With DOS Game Club we attempt to share our fondness of these often quirky old games, discuss their (many) merits and (equally many) failings and save a record of their existence for future generations.

Whether you've been a fan of DOS games all your life, or you've only just now become interested in them, everyone is welcome in our little club!


We are running our own little Mastodon instance that is still in its infancy. If you are on Mastodon and really want to help us connect with the rest of the world, follow us on @dosgameclub@dosgame.club.

Our instance itself is invite-only, as we have limited resources (technical and personal), but we'd really love to gather retro gamers and retro computing nerds on there. If you're a regular user of our forums, IRC and especially if you have been on one of our episodes, we'd love to have you on board. Please get in touch!


Besides the forums here on the site, you can also get in touch through Twitter: @dosgameclub

We've also got an IRC chatroom set up called #dosgameclub over at irc.afternet.org


What are you waiting for? Register and start playing and discussing games!