Reply To: Campaign – Lord Ironfist


So cool you’re getting into this while at first you thought you wouldn’t like it. That’s really what the club is about, finding those hidden gems you otherwise would have overlooked! 😀

Now I can tell you, I’ve been playing this game since forever and I’ve got the same experience as you, David. I mostly have 1 or 2 main heroes and some other ones for guarding cities. I’ve grown used to the popup asking whether I’m sure that I want to forfeit some of my movement points, but UX-wise it would be nice to be able to shut it off.

It doesn’t feel like I’m really waiting around a lot though. The flow for me typically is that I explore a lot in the beginning of the game, which is quite interesting. In the meantime, units build up in the towns I’m conquering. Then at some point, some enemies will pop-up and I’ll require reinforcements. What I often do is that I buy a “transport hero” in my most remote town and he will pick up units along the way until he reaches my main hero. He drops off the reinforcements and heads back home, and the main hero can continue his conquest.