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haha calling the game one big treasure hunt is a pretty accurate statement! It’s all about finding the clues, either in old ruins logs, or by coercing it out of the aliens. I’m so happy that everyone is seeming to have a good time so far. You have no idea how bad I would feel if you guys tried my suggested game and everyone was groaning on the forums about what a chore it was to play haha.

I played for about 3 hours last night, but I did lose a 2 hour save. I guess it’s been so long I forgot you need to back up all of the .com files, not just That’s fine though, because I was doing horribly! I had lost two landers in my first two hours LOL. I was really pushing my fuel limits and got caught in a few storms.

If you’re low on energy, and have lost the ship, I advise waiting the storm out. Just hang out in Move mode, not moving, and wait for the storm to blow over. Unless you’re people are dying to a crazy lightning storm you should be fine.