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I’d never played this game before, but after seeing @rnlf’s stream and then joining the multiplayer stream I had to give it a go.

First impressions were really positive. I think the music and graphics are great, and this game has a lot in common with GTA stylistically, which I also love. The racing starts off quite hard but after purchasing new tyres I settled in quite easily.

I ended up doing exactly what @pix did and smashing through most of it in a marathon session that ended in the wee hours of the morning. I think this actually says quite a lot about the game, though: the rewards are perfectly spaced apart, and there’s always something to aim for. Also the idea of reaching the top of the rankings is quite obvious from the very start. This simplicity and the raw competitiveness makes it pretty addictive. (I ended up having an intense rivalry with Clint West after he rammed me into the side of a track and blew up my car. Oh boy was I angry…)

The only major detractor for me is the physics: in particular how hitting rough terrain completely kills your speed, and how sometimes your car ends up flipping direction. Other than that, though, the game is brilliant!