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I played through the first episode trying to look at it with new eyes, because I don’t like the map design. I’ve never really hated the game. In fact I think it’s amazing how well it’s aged.

Then I came here and read your posts and realized why I hate the map design. It’s because I saw that exaggerating picture Tijn pasted.

You can’t compare Doom to Call of Duty. It’s like comparing some old classic novel to a new comic book and saying that new literature is shit because there’s barely no words and only pictures. Call of Duty doesn’t try to do what Doom does.

Doom like FPS games are still here but they are 100% multiplayer games. The maps would be better compared to something like Unreal Tournament series. That doesn’t make much sense either since it’s an arena shooter. On the other hand most of the action feels similar, you strafe around corners dodging or kiting enemies.

Call of Duty tries to be realistic and it feels like that. I can’t imagine what kind of architect would design Doom’s buildings. But that’s fine, it’s not supposed be realistic.

By the way, Unreal Tournament has way better maps.