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So, I finished my own playthrough of PoP2, to refresh my memory, and can say the following things:

* The running jump timing was not as terrible as I remembered. Sure it is still easier to miss than in PoP1, but I found that it rarely happened to me if I concentrated on the jump.

* I noticed what Pix mentioned about the goblin heads not always stopping at the same distance from you, making them impossible to hit. However, I observed that the first time they hit you and push you back, this is reset, and now they will be at the correct distance (you are still responsible for the timing, though). So you may sometimes be forced to lose some health (up to 4 bottles for some of the heads!), but generally you can still defeat them, without bothering with stopping at the correct tile.

* Versions 1.0 and 1.1 (but not the initial release) have a bug that if you save in the second caves level, then load the game, cutscenes will not be playing for the rest of the game. This has the side-effect that the countdown will not start (it is triggered by the tree cutscene after the second cave level, or if you die in it), so you have infinite time! Unfortunately, also the horse sequence will not show, so you will have a wrong palette at the beginning of the first temple level (saving and reloading fixes this).

* As far as the levels themselves go, I managed to get through most of them without saving/reloading, or at most with one mistake. Exceptions are the first and third temple levels, where I had to refresh my memory a lot to do everything right. The third temple level is particularly terrible. It has at least 5-6 different spots where a single mistake (which requires foreknowledge) will make the level unwinnable.