Reply To: First impressions


The last time I “seriously” played the game was over 20 years ago (on a monochrome screen, PC speaker sound only… a tragedy!) so I was a lot younger and much less game-literate back then.

While I recall that I still liked it, the current play-through painted a different picture and suppressed suddenly reared up and forced me to realize that, no: Monkey Island had not been a pleasant experience for me as a kid back then!

Bit by bit I realized that many adventure game puzzles I had hated over the years actually stem from The Secret of Monkey Island! I think I am going to record a little voice note for the podcast on this, I think it’s quite entertaining.

That realization was a bit surprising to me as I meant that I had loved that game since I saw the first pixel. I attribute my mis-memory to being exposed to reading and hearing almost overwhelmingly good things about Monkey Island over the years…

Apparently one’s memories can be deceiving. 🙂