Reply To: Polygons of Terror


I love the dos game club, you dudes are guys right after my own heart!

I played both BioForge and Ecstatica. I even suggested Ecstatica in the forums! I actually installed Ecstatica last month and played it a bit. You can find it on (I think that’s the name of it, if not, it’s close) and I ran it in dosbox w/o any issues.

Seriously, no one I have ever spoken to in real life has ever even heard of BioForge or Ecstatcia. It’s awesome to have come across folks who enjoyed these games as a kid like me. 🙂

I did end up finishing both games, but BioForge is damn hazy in my memory (other then I remember liking it) but Ecstatcia is pretty clear. I don’t remember all the puzzles, but I do remember a lot of them. It was creepy, and that werewolf guy scared me as a kid. I remember fighting him FOREVER trying to kill him. I don’t think it’s possible.