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Thanks for the lengthy replies. I think I will see if I can find Ultima IV. The screenshots of 1-3 make me hesitant to invest any time in it. I did really like the story in UUW and liked the “open world” play style. Unfortunately it was a huge time sink and you really needed to keep notes. U IV will probably be the same.


Alright, I downloaded the game from GOG for free and started it. Really needed the manual and reference card to understand the interface. The Map provided with the game seems totally useless and written in their runic alphabet too. The in game map does not show town names, which is annoying for new players as they are not familiar with the map, but this is probably a technical limitation of the hardware at the time.

The partial text interface makes the conversations a bit basic, just pumping everyone for information. Also I died in the game, due to lack of eating or lack of sleep I guess. Is there a hint that you need to do this? Because it was just game over and zap to lord Briton. I understand you need to seek him out anyway, but this feels like the wrong way to reach him. Right I’ll restart my game once more and see if I fare better this time around.