Reply To: Thoughts on OpenXcom


I’ve played a decent amount of the original in DOSBOX and the OpenXCom version. From what I can tell, you are basically playing what X-COM would have become if they’d been told to do an HD remake two years after the original.

That said, I’m not into playing exact copies. I use filters, I use patches, I want the best game possible. I just like a lot of the ideas and concepts of older games.

Features I quite enjoy:
-Easy resolution changes.
-Can swap in music files. I use the MT-32 versions recorded on real hardware (which you could have used with the DOS version if you where very rich) or the UFO: Cydonia’s Fall soundtrack.
Links to the music you can easily swap in. Also includes versions made to sound like a ton of different sound cards. (I wish there was a mod to randomly swap between them, as boy does the music get repetitive. Swapping between Soundblaster, Adlib, MT-32, etc would help a little).


-Scroll wheel usage

-It sends craft on the actual shortest route around the globe.

-Fixed a LOT of inventory issue (though I still find the limits on how much you can hold kinda silly. I’ll make a thread about this.)

-I use the explosion height mod (So explosions are round instead of flat. I’ve foozled myself with it a few times)

-SoldierName mod, which I think adds more names from more cultures to show it is a global effort.

-Celebreate Diversity Mod, that might be the one to add more names? Or might be adds more accurate national boundaries to the map and flags to the game?

-BasicArmorPediaUFO: Ads basic armour to the UFOPedia as it was missing

-Improved Handobs: Accurately shows what your troops have in their hands, rather then a generic ‘not gun’

-Extra explosions: Makes lethal explosions look different to those from small launchers.

-I’ve started using Expanded Terror Reworked as I got a bit bored of seeing the same maps all the time.