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I figure it’s about time I posted something about the game 🙂

I’ve enjoyed it a *lot* more than I expected. I found the race mode a bit weak and clunky (as mentioned, judging distances between cars is incredibly hard, and the damage incurred isn’t very realistic), but the multiplayer aspect has been really entertaining (thanks for the scoreboard, Tijn)!

The simulation may not be completely realistic but had enough subtleties that I was frequently realizing new tricks and strategies for various tracks. I even learned a lot about real racing! The cars also offer sufficient variation to suit several different racing styles, and on some tracks (say, Brazil, Monaco, Japan, Detroit) I think any of them could come out on top.

The graphics are quite basic (which is fine in general, IMO), but can be slightly disorientating at lower speeds. The rendering seems to change once you hit higher speeds, which has less of a nauseating effect and is good motivation to keep the speed up 😀