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“That’s quite interesting Evil” you say, musing over this “Quite a lot of these cool games with great story and environment all seem to be developed by people who’ve worked together on Ultima Underworld and System Shock. But there’s one group of games that also come to mind. Modern games developed by Arkane, including Dishonored and Prey. Surely they have no connection?”

A small grin appears on my face.

Arkane Studios was founded in 1999 by someone called RaphaĆ«l Colantonio, and had worked in Origin Systems’ QA and Localization team for titles including System Shock. After differences with the company, he started up Arkane, with the goal of making a sequel to Ultima Underworld II. Not being able to secure the rights, and the game ended up being Arx Fatalis. The next notable game for this he worked on was helping with the design, animation and art for BioShock 2 after joining 2K Marin.

He had a friendship with Harvey Smith, the QA lead for System Shock at Origin. They worked together and developed Dishonored, Dishonored 2, and a game touted as a spiritual successor to System Shock, Prey.