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Sorry, I moved my website over to a different server a few weeks back. The URL’s are all out of wordpress which includes the old ip address. Doesn’t look like I can edit my post for some reason so here is a find and replaced version with fixed links.

Here are a couple of UK reviews from the time + a retrospective PC Zone did much later in their “Games That Changed The World” series:-

The game breaking bugs mentioned in that 4 out of 10 were a bit of a thing with the later Ultima’s. The original release of Underworld which they praised in that review had near enough the same inventory bug as it happens but it didn’t hit until the deeper levels. Underworld 2 had a bug where all the staff in Lord British’s castle would go on strike permanently blocking all progress in the plot. Ultima 8 worked as such but had a jumping/platforming element that was so universally unpopular it had to be patched out of the game. The less said about Ultima 9’s bugs on release, the better. I still love all those games (apart from Ultima 8 anyway) but that will be helped by the fact they had usually been fixed by the time they got released on this side of the pond.
Also one more review, the American release of the game came with a cover sheet over the back of the box with this particularly glowing review. Probably not a bad idea given the lack of information on that mostly black box.<br />